Homoeopathic Doctor For Autism in Thane

According to latest statics, one child in 68 is affected with this disorder.

The diagnostic criteria are:

No babbling in babies by 12 months.

No gestures by 12 months.

No single word by 12 months.

-Autism is one of the biggest medical challenges of this millennium.

“The awareness of this disorder is very poor and hence, it is diagnosed late, at around three years of age. As these kids grow, lots of behavioral issues like aggression, social withdrawal, etc crop up. Moreover , they might have various other hereditary disorders associated with it. As they are effected at the basic development level, they have extreme dependence on their mothers. Many mothers have to leave their jobs and be shadow caretakers of such kids.”

What is ASD?

Autisum spectrum disorder is a neuro developmental disorder, which affects at three levels.

COMMUNICATION: Speech and language impairment, sometimes the child is unable to communicate even his basic needs. The child may even have poor or no eye contact.

COGNITION: Process of thinking, understanding, learning and memory are affected.

SOCIAL SKILLS: These are poor or not developed.


Neuroanatomical studies suggest alterations of brain development (genes mutation) soon after conception.


No pharmaceutical intervention is successful as the disorder is at genetic levels.Only symptomatic relief in associated complaints is achieved to some extent.


Various therapies such as speech, occupational and behavioral therapies help the kid along proper homeopathy treatment.


“Homeopathic medicines bring about change at the neuro developmental levels and are extremely safe for kids. In just a few weeks to a few months, positive changes are seen at the level of speech, languages and cognition. Social skills start to develop gradually as the treatment progresses, thus making kids independent, communicative and ready for schooling. Clinical experience and result over the years suggest that homeopathy is believed to bring about positive changes at epigenetic levels.